The Savings Institute has been helping people acquire the right home for over 165 years.
And today, we continue to offer a broad array of mortgage loan programs to meet nearly every need and every budget. Click here to view our current mortgage rates. 

Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit

These loans are ideal for home improvement, debt consolidation or any other significant expenditure you need to finance all at once. Click here to view our current rates.

Auto Loans

For a new or used car, Savings Institute Bank & Trust has the payment plan for you. We offer up to 100% financing on new cars. In addition, competitive interest rates for motorcycles and recreational vehicles are available.
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Consumer Loans

Sometimes, we all need things to happen a little faster than we can afford. That's why at the Savings Institute we've designed consumer loans to help make those things happen. We offer a broad variety of lending options for all your financial needs at rates that work for you! Click here to view our current rates.